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Church Alive International | Kids Alive
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Investing in the next generation.

We take our calling to kids seriously. Each teacher in Kids Alive has been carefully screened prior to being placed in ministry to your children. It is our privilege to care for your children while you participate in the adult service, free of concern over your children’s well being. Learn more about our children’s classes below.

Nursery (6 weeks - 2 years old)

Our Nursery staff consists of compassionate, caring ladies with a genuine love for babies. You can feel free to engage in the adult service, confident that your baby is being cared for and ministered to by the love of God, while also knowing that our staff will page you if for any reason your child needs your attention during the service. The Nursery also offers a secluded corner for any nursing mother who needs to feed her baby during the service.

Preschool (3 – 5 years old)

We minister on a weekly basis to your preschooler through varied methods of teaching, fun, and interaction. The Preschool teachers are gentle, patient volunteers who love children and love teaching them the principles of God’s Word. A typical class time may include music, crafts, coloring, puzzles, snacks, videos, and other aids to reinforce the main principle of the day’s lesson. We strive to give each child personalized attention, so your child will enjoy learning and will look forward to returning to Preschool each service!

Elementary (Kindergarten - 5th Grade)

We want church to be one of your child’s favorite places to go each week! Kids Alive serves your elementary school-aged children during each service. The Elementary teaching staff works to put together an exciting and effective time of ministry for your child, using a variety of methods to make each week fresh and enjoyable, so your child can learn principles in God’s Word. Class time can consist of many different elements, from videos to puppets, from time in praise & worship to special illustrations & object lessons. Snacks, games, songs, prizes, and more are regular components of most Kids Alive classes. This is the next generation of leaders… We love God, and we love kids!